The merging of rivers

The Mission of Prayaga

Many small rivers join the Great Ocean

We are from all over the World, representing every aspect of society.

We will do anything to protect our race.

No harm shall be done to our families or friends across the World.

Join the river by sending your thoughts about life to

The Meaning of Prayaga

   In Hindi ‘Prayaga’ means the joining of the 5 rivers of India, which form a large river that flows across the nation.

   Each person, family, religion, culture, nation, sexual group, etc. is but a stream flowing into the big river we call multiculturalism.

   Some streams merge to form new streams such as an Polish-Jewish-Jamaican-Rastafarian-bisexual who lives in Canada.

   As the streams merge new cultures develop and new ways of expression emerge such as Chinese-Canadian films.

   Time is but a river always flowing forward and never back. The current is what is the accepted norm in any society. But if one of the streams of multiculturalism becomes turbulent and causes a ripple, society’s current flows away from this stream, such as what happened to Muslims after September 11th. But with more understanding and acceptance, the stream joins the current once again and flows forward together with the other streams forming a large ocean of peace and prosperity for all.